I have been seeing Mary on a regular basis for about 2 years. Aside from specific issues that arise from time to time, I come to her for what I think of as periodic tune-ups. My overall balance has noticeably improved during this time. Mary is conscientious and capable.

Thanks, Mary!



Mary Norton is an exceptional acupuncturist and her wizardry with needles is just one of her many gifts. She is also a healer, a great listener, a masseuse and an expert in prescribing Chinese medicine.

When you are with Mary in one of her treatment rooms, you feel as if you are her only patient and her only goal is in helping you to get healthy and strong. And the reason you feel this way is because she is a truly devoted practitioner and cares about every one of her patients.

Even before she puts in the first needle, you feel better because you feel understood, safe and deeply cared for. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Susan Isa Efros
writer and writing coach